Physical Education

Mrs. Hecht & Mr. Wilcox are excited to teach students how to be healthy and active.

Appropriate Attire and Footwear

All FCPS students must wear sneakers to the gym for PE class.  The sneakers must:

  • have a rubber sole
  • tie with shoelaces or Velcro
  • cover the whole foot for support

During the winter, we have many students unable to participate because they wear boots to PE; in warmer months, they've worn open-toed shoes.

Injury & Illness Policies

Several students each day come to us and say, “My parents told me to sit out. I can’t participate.” We understand that mornings can be stressful, but please send your child with a note explaining the injury or illness. This can excuse him/her for time periods less than two weeks.

For any injury or illness that is longer than two weeks, the FCPS medical form must be completed by your child’s physician. This form is available from your child’s PE teacher or at this link on the FCPS website (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). 

Our P.E. Teachers

FCPS Physical Education

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