School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Our annual goal to improve teaching and learning at Haycock Elementary School.

Goal One: Raise the Bar

On end-of-course assessments, 65% of students will achieve a pass advanced score on end of year mathematics assessments. Kindergartners' achievement will be measured using end of unit assessments throughout the school year. First and second graders will be measured using the Math Readiness Assessment (MRA). Third through sixth graders will be measured using the Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment.

Data for last year's assessments is available in Haycock's school profile.

Goal Two: Close the Gap

In kindergarten through sixth grade, 100% of students with disabilities and those scoring below the 40th percentile on the fall Universal Screener assessment will make at least a year's worth of growth in reading, as measured by the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA-2).