About Us

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Vision Statement

  • Together, as a staff and a community, we work to leave no child behind for the academic, social, and personal needs of their present and future. We see ourselves as always being on a journey towards this end and are therefore always looking to learn from one another about how to be more effective for our students.

Mission Statement

  • We believe that our role is to welcome every child and family into the school and work together with the family to prepare the child for a successful present and future. We try to put ourselves in the shoes of each student to the best of our abilities and do for that child what we would do if they were our very own. Our role is to make Haycock a united community and a home for learning.

Beliefs & Values

  • Our mission and goals are framed around the belief that we should help every child achieve at high levels and grow significantly during the school year, regardless of his or her starting point. We further believe it is our mission to focus this achievement and growth in five important areas: academic skills and understanding, love of learning, citizenship skills, sense of community, and sense of hope.

We believe in our Community

  • A dynamic partnership among students, parents, teachers, staff members and the community is critical to exceptional student achievement. Our diversity creates resilient, open, and innovative citizens of the global community.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Haycock Elementary is a part of Region 2