Student Links

Websites for learning at Haycock Elementary!

On our old website, there was an external link to a site called PortaportalIt is still available, but you can also access links used in classrooms in a few other ways: 

  • grade level Blackboard sites,
  • teachers' Google Classrooms
  • the most-used links below (the links are to the right of the images).


Icon URL Icon URL
 blackboard icon Blackboard google classroom icon Google Classroom
google apps icon Google Apps wixie icon Wixie


my on icon


MyOn tumble books icon Tumblebooks


pebble go icon
PebbleGo unite for literac icony Unite for Literacy


math textbook icon


  Pearson Math Textbooks
virtual manipulatives icon
National Library for Virtual Manipulatives  
compass icon
  Jason Project
brainpop icon BrainPOP
dance mat typing icon


Dance Mat Typing mouse icon Mouse Games


code studio icon


Code Studio lightbot icon