Spring Band Concert 2018

Enjoy our morning concert on Friday, May 25!

By Mr. Pittman & Mr. Frederick
Music, Band & Strings
May 25, 2018

We're so proud of our band students this year. Please enjoy this morning's performance at school. The pieces performed are as follows:

Beginning Band

"King Arthur’s Coronation March" by Steve Hommel

"Slidin’ The Blues" by Michael Story

"Attack of the Cyclops" by Mark Williams

Cougar Band

Themes from “Judas Maccabaeus” by Handel, arr. by Pearson

Advanced Band

"Manhattan Beach" by .J. P. Sousa, arr. by M. Story

"Two English Dances" arr. John O’Reilly

  1. "Shepherd’s Hey"
  2. "Country Gardens"

"Salsa es Caliente" by Gerald Sebesky

Thank You, Guest Musicians!

Thanks to our teacher musicians who joined us for today's performance:

  • Librarian Ms. Hilary Oskin
  • Science specialist Ms. Janet Brown
  • Music teacher Ms. Kerry Riddle
  • Fourth grade teacher Ms. Chelsea Neff

Thank you also to former Haycock students joining us from McLean High School:

  • Emily H.
  • Sohee
  • Emily M.
  • Josh 
  • Gavin 
  • Willie
  • Emily D. 
  • Michael