1st Grade Animal Studies

Learn about our classroom guests!

By Janet Brown
Science & Technology
February 13, 2018

Our Animal Studies Unit

Each year, the 1st grade hosts 5 different animals in their classrooms. The animals rotate through each classroom over a 5 week period. During this time, the students can observe their habitat, physical attributes, and behavior. Our students have learned to use their eyes and ears to become excellent scientists. 

Our Animals

Rabbit: Ace

Ace comes to us from The Friends of Rabbits. He is an 8-month-old Rex. The students are learning about what Ace likes to eat during a food scan and rabbit behavior. He is also available for adoption through The Friends of Rabbits. Please visit their website to learn more about adoption and foster.

Birds: Bluebell and Ivy

Bluebell and Ivy come to us from Phoenix Landing. They are parakeets. The students are learning about how birds interact with each other and their environment. Bluebell and Ivy are also up for adoption. To learn more, please visit Phoenix Landing's website.

Reptile: Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper is a leopard gecko. He is on loan from one of our 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Doane. The students are learning about Lemon Pepper and the various reptiles around Haycock. (Hint: there is one in our pond!)

Amphibians: Sprinkle and Pacman

Sprinkle and Pacman are fire-bellied toads. After their time with the 1st grade, they will travel to Ms. Sullivan's 5th grade classroom. The students are learning about how nature tells predators "do not eat," like with the fire-bellied toad's bright red bellies. 

Fish: Swimmy and Isaac Newton

The fish came to us from Speedy's Pond in our library courtyard. They are comet goldfish. They will return back to the pond to rejoin their friends and Speedy after the animal studies unit.  They are helping the students to learn about the habitat and needs of our aquatic friends.