1:1 Computing at Haycock Elementary

Learn more about our first year of 1:1 computing!

By Ben James
Science & Technology
September 10, 2018

This year at Haycock, we are beginning our journey towards one-to-one (or 1:1) computing. What is it? Simply put, a classroom that is 1:1 has a ratio of one computer available per student. These classrooms “lead to personalized, meaningful learning experiences which provide opportunities for deeper understanding and development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes” (FCPS).

Two years ago, Fairfax County began implementation of 1:1 computing in the Chantilly High School pyramid. Schools around the county are learning from their examples of how to best implement new teaching practices as the county makes its own journey towards full 1:1 computing in all classrooms. This year, all high schools in the county are going 1:1. More information about FCPSon and its benefits can be found on FCPS’s website.

What does that mean at Haycock? At the end of last school year, interested teachers applied to pilot 1:1 teaching this year. Based on those applications, five teachers were chosen. Those teachers have committed to professional development and guiding their colleagues in tried-and-true strategies as we move toward full implementation in the coming years.

If your child is in one of these classrooms, it does not mean that your student will have a screen in front of them for the 7 ½ hours that they’re here. There will be more choice in how they show their learning, create final products, collaborate with one another, and communicate. There are many benefits, which include higher achievement and more frequent use of critical thinking skills and creativity in the classroom. You can find more explanation in this infographic or by reading the source article, A Practical Guide to Implementing 1:1.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher (if she is piloting this year) or Ben James, our school's instructional technology coach.