Student Passwords

An explanation of how students can access various FCPS resources using their usernames & passwords.

By Ben James
Science & Technology
March 16, 2020

Fairfax County students have access to many online digital resources. In school, the majority of students have mastered their usernames & passwords and how to use them by this time of year. Unfortunately, novel situations outside of school can tax that memorization! This extended break from school is likely to be one of those times.

Different Resources, Same Access Credentials


Username & Password

Additional Info

FCPS Network Login

Username:  FCPS student ID

Password:  chosen word + a number (for most students)

Used to login to school computers.

Students can change and must be reset 365 days from date of last password change.

FCPS 24-7 Blackboard)

Use FCPS Network login.



Username: @email

Password:  Network password

Do not use the reset password link in Google.  


Use FCPS Network login.

There may be a delay of up to 24 hours if network password is reset. 


Use FCPS Network login.

Students log in through Clever, a single-sign on (SSO) service. Only available for grades K-5.

Help with Access

For students in grades K-2, your child's classroom teacher should have their passwords. You can find your child's student ID on a copy of a recent progress report or in ParentVUE on SIS.

For students in grades 3-6, classroom teachers likely do not have that information. To start the year, students chose their own passwords after a brief lesson on password security. If s/he cannot remember it, it can be reset using the appropriate link on the FCPS website: Passwords. You can also set up recovery options using an outside email address if you choose.