Virginia's Most Outstanding Crossing Guard Awards

Beeda Lee-Pawlak has been selected as one of Virginia's six Most Outstanding Crossing Guards.

By Bob the Cougar
February 08, 2018

Please congratulate our winner of the 2017-2018 Virginia's Most Outstanding Crossing Guard Awards, Beeda Lee-Pawlak! She has been selected as one of the six winners for 2017-2018 by the Virginia Safe Routes to School Program. 

Beeda Lee-Pawlak is a first-year crossing guard, but those who nominated her have "never been more impressed with a crossing guard." Beeda expertly manages the busy intersection of Westmorland Street and Haycock Road. Her friendly and firm demeanor effectively conveys to cars and buses how to operate, with minimal backup. Bus drivers understand exactly when to stop and turn without hesitation or confusion.

Her hard work, diligence, kindness, and control allow students to arrive at school smiling and ready to learn. Parents emphasize that despite the busy traffic their children must cross, they feel confident knowing that Beeda is there to assist them. "Her whistle, uniform, and hand motions are always crisp and perfect. I have never seen a crossing guard who does her job so well! It prompted me to call the school just to find out who she is so I could nominate her!"