Coding Resources

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Beginning with Computer Science Week, we will start working on coding with computers in the technology lab during our weekly lessons. If you were a Haycock student last year, you can pick up where you left off! If you are new to Haycock and have never coded before, we will work together to make this fun and educational.

To get started:

  1. Click on your teacher's name.
  2. Find your name.
  3. Find your secret picture.


1st Grade

Ms. Cottle Ms. Cunningham
Mrs. Rath Mrs. DeMarco
Ms. Walker Ms. Goldstein
Mrs. Yoo Ms. Imperial
  Ms. Yevins


2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Ms. Alden Mrs. Bhatti
Ms. Baker Mrs. Dobbins
Mrs. Cole Ms. Dymond
Ms. Flynn Mrs. Itz
Ms. Smith Ms. Sutor
  Mrs. Toppe