Digital Resources 2018-19

By Ben James
Science & Technology
September 13, 2018

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) uses a variety of digital resources to support student learning. Some of these tools require parental consent according to their terms of service and/or privacy policy. FCPS and Haycock Elementary School take your child’s privacy and security very seriously; we follow the guidelines set forth by federal legislation. The tools listed below have been thoroughly reviewed and approved for use in FCPS.

The reason that this letter was sent home in first day folders was due to our students' ages. The privacy policies and terms of service for each site require parental permission for students under the age of 13.

Students should use their FCPS Google account when logging in and creating accounts for these resources.




Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Tool for creating digital multimedia lessons

Coding and computer science lessons and activities

Tool for supporting problem solving in mathematics

Tool for learning language through interactive activities

Teachers and students can annotate videos and create interactive videos for instruction.

Online software that is an additional component of many schools’ band and strings curriculum.

Video platform for student engagement and formative assessment

Activities that check for student understanding

Resource for learning through videos and practice exercises

Tool for creating interactive presentations and activities

Virtual bulletin board for collaborating and creating

A study tool for matching terms and definitions

Vocabulary study resource

Allows teachers to combine video, audio, images, and checks for understanding, to create an interactive set of online activities for instruction.